About TPEC

The IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC) brings together participants from industry and academia to present and discuss the latest technological developments and challenges in the power and energy industry. Electric power engineers, technical managers, educators and students are encouraged to participate and contribute with their knowledge to advance the research and development of the power and energy industry.

The conference invites keynote speakers from the industry to share their thoughts and experience, and seeks the high quality research papers to be presented.

TPEC is completely student-run by IEEE PES-PELS-IAS Joint Student Chapter at Texas A&M University, under the advisory of faculty advisors.

A summary of past conferences could be found here:

TPEC 2020 Committee Members

Conference Directors

Wei Trinh


Milad Soleimani

Conference Chairs

Financial Chair

Arun Kumar Karngala


Logistics Chair

Jessica Wert


Publication Chair

Hanyue Li



Technical Chair

Pooria Dehghanian

Committee Members

Brandon Allison


Diana Wallison


Juhee Yeo


Farid Naghavi



Matthew Gaskamp


Taif Mohamed


Ramyaa Kumar


Mohammad Khoshjahan


Ceci Klauber


Yaman Kalra


Mandaar Kandarp Padh


Shashwat Tripathi



Melvin Moncey Joseph


Rashid Baembitov 


Misan Coker


Aarsh Desai




Komal Shetye


Jorge Cisneros Saldana


Academic Advisors

Dr. Thomas Overbye


Dr. Le Xie


Dr. Katherine Davis


Dr. Robert S. Balog


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