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MSC 2400

February 6, 2020, 9:45am – 10:45am


Best Paper Session A

Module-OT: A Hardware Security Module for Operational Technology

William Hupp, Adarsh Hasandka, Ricardo Sequeria de Carvalho and Danish Saleem


High Gain Soft Switched DC-DC Converter for Renewable  Applications

Kalahasthi Rajesh Babu, Manoj R Ramteke, H M Suryawanshi and Koteswara Rao Kothapalli


MetaMetric Approach in Performance Assessment of System Level Controllers for Different Operational Objectives

Payam Ramezani Badr, Behnaz Papari, Christopher Edrington, Gokhan Ozkan, Naireeta Deb and Phuong Hoang


Distributed small loads as fast frequency reserves: Impact on System Performance

Lasse Peltonen, Tuomas Rauhala, Pertti Järventausta and Sami Repo



MSC 2404

Power Systems Session A

Steady-State Scenario Development for Synthetic Transmission Systems

Hanyue Li, Ju Hee Yeo, Jessica Wert and Thomas Overbye


A Survey on Applications of Machine Learning for Optimal Power Flow

Fouad Hasan, Amin Kargarian and Ali Mohammadi


Partitioning Analysis in Temporal Decomposition for Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch

Farnaz Safdarian, Ali Mohammadi, Amin Kargarian and Bamdad Falahati


A novel location method for single-phase grounding fault in small current grounding distribution network based on difference of phase current fault component between fault and non-fault phases

Suyan Lu, Xiaohua Ding and Biaolong Su



MSC 2405

Power Electronics Session A

Control of Self-Excited Induction Generator-based Micro-Hydro Power Generation System Feeding Single-Phase and Three-Phase Loads

Dr. Rajasekharareddy Chilipi and Dr. Ameena Alsumaiti


Intermediate Bus Converters for High Efficiency Power Conversion: A Review

Sen Li


Current Observer Based Predictive Decoupled Power Control Grid-Interactive Inverter

Webster Adepoju, Zhang Zhen and Shadmand Mohammad



MSC 2406A

Machines, Electromechanics, and Drives Session A

State of Health Prediction of Lithium-ion Batteries Using Accelerated Degradation Test Data

Pasquale De Falco, Luigi Pio Di Noia and Renato Rizzo


Induction Machines limits Identification During Abnormal Conditions Using an Optimization Algorithm

Mohammed Alqahtani, Zhixin Miao and Lingling Fan


Torsional Vibrations in Open Loop Volts Hertz Variable Frequency Drive Induction Motor Driven Mechanical Systems

Sahil Mishra, Alan Palazzolo, Xu Han, Yashu Li and Chris Kulhanek


A Comprehensive Analysis of Single-Stage Wireless Power Transfer Compensation Topologies for Battery Chargers in Electric Vehicles

Kavita Kiran Prasad and Vivek Agarwal



MSC 2406B

Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technologies Session A

Semi-Seasonally Optimized Tilt Angles for Design of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Generation Station

Faraj Alyami and Pablo Gomez


Indian Grid Code Based Low Voltage Ride Through Control Development for Large Scale Solar PCS

Prashantkumar Patel, Yashpal Patel and Shimada Keizo


Nonlinear Control Design for Voltage Source Converters in Weak AC Grids

Javad Khazaei, Zhenghong Tu, Arash Asrari and Wenxin Liu


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