Paper Block 2




MSC 2400

February 6, 2020, 11:00am – 12:00pm


Best Paper Session B

Real-Time Detection of Critical Generators in Power Systems: A Deep Learning HCP Approach

Bhavesh Shinde, Shiyuan Wang, Payman Dehghanian and Mohammad Babakmehr


An Efficient Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Model for Optimal Sizing of Battery Energy Storage in Smart Buildings

Mahdi Mehrtash, Florin Capitanescu and Per Kvols Heiselberg


Cooperative Model Predictive VAR Control Scheme for Smart PV Inverters on Power Distribution Systems with LVRT Capability

Amin Yousefzadeh Fard and Mohammad B. Shadmand


A Novel Interleaved High Gain Soft Switched Step-Up DC-DC Converter With Coupled Indcutor

Kalahasthi Rajesh Babu, M.R Ramteke, H.M Suryawanshi and Koteswara Rao Kothapalli



MSC 2404

Power Systems Session B

Gaussian Process Regression based Fault Location in DC Microgrid

Sai Sowmya Nagam, Rakesh Kumar Panda, Abheejeet Mohapatra and Sandeep Anand


Implementation of Emulated Inertia using PV Generation with Energy Storage to Improve Integrated Grid Response

Mohamed Abuagreb, Babatunde Ajao and Brian Johnson


Dynamic Model Validation for Large-Scale Networks Using the Dominant Time Intervals

Mahsa Sajjadi, Hossein Seifi and Shahrzad Mahdavi


Detection and Identification of Stator Inter-turn Faults and Demagnetization effects in Hybrid Analytical-Numerical model of a BLDC Motor using Electromagnetic Signatures

Adil Usman and Bharat Singh Rajpurohit


MSC 2405

Power Electronics Session B

Experimental implementation of sliding mode controller for DC-link voltage regulation in three-phase bidirectional rectifier

Mustapha Jamma, Abderrahim Bennassar and Mohammed Akherraz


Hardware Development of a Three-Phase 3.5 kW SiC Converter with Sinusoidal PWM

Jonathan Diller, Brennan Trussell, Javad Khazaei and Peter Idowu


Circuit-Averaged Modeling of Non-Ideal Low-Power DC-AC Inverters

Farouk Ghizzawi and Dani Tannir


A Soft-Switching High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter with Multiplier Cells – Analysis and Average Model

Abdulhakeem Alsaleem, Abdullah Bubshait and Marcelo Simoes



MSC 2406A

Cyber and Physical Security Session A

An Electric Power System Energy Management Platform (EMP) Research Testbed

Ikponmwosa Idehen, Loren Klemesrud and Tom Overbye


Optimal Restoration Strategy to Enhance the Resilience of Transmission System under Windstorms

Xue Gao and Zhi Chen


Cyber-Physical Observability for the Electric Grid

Nicholas Jacobs, Shamina Hossain-McKenzie, Adam Summers, C. Birk Jones, Brian Wright and Adrian Chavez


A Bayesian Attack Tree Based Approach to Assess Cyber-Physical Security of Power System

Rounak Meyur



MSC 2406B

Energy Market and Demand Response Session A

A Tractable Approximation Approach to Deal with the Binary Nature of Shiftable Loads in Multi-Period Optimal Power Flow

Iason-Iraklis Avramidis, Florin Capitanescu and Geert Deconinck


Accurate Modeling of Li-ion Cells Applied to LiFePO4 and NMC Chemistries

Muhammad Usman Tahir, Taha Moaz, Hassan Khan, Nauman Zaffar and Irfan Khan


Demand Response Based on the Power Factor Considering Polynomial and Induction Motor loads

Jaber Valinejad, Mousa Marzband, Meisam Ansari and Antoine Labonne


Optimal Coordination of HVAC Scheduling for Commercial Buildings

Guanyu Tian, Samy Faddel, Qun Zhou and Alex Parlato


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