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February 6, 2020, 1:15pm – 2:15pm


MSC 2404

Power Systems Session C

Applications of DC Power Flow Based Power System Dynamics Simulations

Hanyue Li, Wei Trinh, Jessica Wert, Megan Dawkins, Thomas Overbye and Jamie Weber


Energy Function based Approach for Online Inertia Estimation Utilizing Synchrophasor Measurements

Rakesh Kumar Panda, Abheejeet Mohapatra, Suresh Chandra Srivastava and Mladen Kezunovic


Load-Leveling Trainer for Demand Side Management on a 45kW Cyber-Physical Microgrid

Jonathan Diller, Peter Idowu and Javad Khazaei



MSC 2405

Power Systems Session D

Anomaly Detection for Primary Distribution System Measurements using Principal Component Analysis

Arun Abhishek Imayakumar, Anamika Dubey and Anjan Bose


Coherency Detection and Network Partitioning based on Hierarchical DBSCAN

Faycal Znidi, Hamzeh Davarikia and Masoud Barati


Constraint Clustering Based Islanding Scheme For Power Networks

Hamzeh Davarikia, Faycal Znidi and Masoud Barati



MSC 2406A

Energy Market and Demand Response Session B

Security Constrained Two-Stage Model for CO2 Emission Reduction

Jaber Valinejad, Mousa Marzband, Meisam Ansari and Antoine Labonne


Effect of the Tariff on Frequency Deviation Control in Small Microgrids (A comparison between the MPC and Tariff Modification)

Roghieh Abdollahi and Zoleikha Biron


Optimal Daily Operation in Smart Grids Using Decentralized Bi-level Optimization Considering Unbalanced Optimal Power Flow

Meisam Ansari, Mostafa Ansari, Jaber Valinejad and Arash Asrari


Routing of Electric Vehicles in a Stochastic Network with Non-recurrent Incidents

Mohammad Arani, Mohammad Mehdi Rezvani, Hamzeh Davarikia and Yupo Chan



MSC 2406B

Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technologies Session B

Comparing Connection Topologies of PV Integrated Curved Roof Tile for Improved Performance

Lance Alpuerto and Robert Balog


Selection of Conventional Generation Sources for Optimal Replacement by Wind Power Generations

Wolf Peter Jean Philippe, Emerson Iannone, Sara Eftekharnejad and Prasanta K. Ghosh


Smart Energy Routing For Rural Islanded Microgrid Clusters

Marjerie Suresh, Janani Jayaraman, Karthni Lakshmanan, Aswin Gopikanna and Vineeth Vijayaragavan


Design and Simulation of Multi-phase Multi-stage Interleaved Boost Converters for Photovoltaic Application

Badur M. Alharbi, Majid A. Alhomim and Roy A. McCann

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