Paper Block 4




MSC 2400

February 7, 2020, 9:00am – 10:00am


Best Paper Session C

Dynamic phasor-based modeling and simulation of a reduced-order single-phase inverter in voltage-controlled and current-controlled modes

Udoka Nwaneto and Andrew Knight


Combined Learning and Analytical Model Based Early Warning Algorithm for Real-Time Congestion Management

Fouad Hasan and Amin Kargarian


The Heuristic Dynamic Programming Approach in Boost Converters

Sepehr Saadatmand, Mohamad Saleh Sanjari Nia, Pourya Shamsi and Mehdi Ferdowsi


Large-Scale Battery Energy Storage System Dynamic Model for Power System Stability Analysis

Roghieh Abdollahi and Zoleikha Biron



MSC 2404

Power Systems Session E

Optimal Estimation of Capacity and Location of Wind, Solar and Fuel Cell Sources in Distribution Systems Considering Load Changes by Lightning Search Algorithm

Hassan Shokouhandeh, Mahmoodreza Ghaharpour, Hamid Ghobadi Lamouki, Yaser Rahmani Pashakolaei, Fatemeh Rahmani and Mahmood Hosseini Imani


Power Generation Frequency Response

Bracy Nesbit, John Dumas, Ravikanth Varanasi and Pradeep Tripathi


Critical Component Identification under Load Uncertainty for Cascading Failure Analysis

Mirjavad Hashemi Gavgani and Sara Eftekharnejad


Data-Driven Solar Generation Forecast Considering Temporal Characteristics of Data

Guangyuan Shi and Sara Eftekharnejad



MSC 2405

Power Electronics Session C

A New Approach in Optimal Control of Step-Down Converters Based on a Switch-State Controller

Ali Parsa Sirat and Niloofar Zendehdel


Adaptive Balancing of Three-Phase Loads at Four-Wire Supply with Reactive Compensators and Nonsinusoidal Voltage

Motab Almousa and Leszek Czarnecki


A PWM Method for Single-Phase Current-Sourced High Frequency AC Link Inverter

Minjeong Kim, Ricky Lanclos and Robert Balog


High-voltage Soil-Based Microbial Fuel Cells

Ahmad Alzahrani



MSC 2406A

Cyber and Physical Security Session B

Real-time Blackout Prevention in Response to Decentralized Cyberattacks on a Smart Grid

Arash Asrari, Meisam Ansari, Javad Khazaei and Valentina Cecchi


Recovery-based Model Predictive Control for Cascade Mitigation under Cyber-Physical Attacks

Rui Ma, Sagnik Basumallik, Sara Eftekharnejad and Fanxin Kong


Hardware-in-the-Loop CPS Security Architecture for DER Monitoring and Control Applications

Ravikumar Gelli, Burhan Hyder and Manimaran Govindarasu


Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Justin Ochoa, Gomanth Bere, Indrasena Aenugu, Taesic Kim and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo



MSC 2406B

Energy Market and Demand Response Session C

Economic and Operational Evaluation of PV and CHP combined with Energy Storage Systems considering Energy and Regulation Markets

Khashayar Mahani, Maryam Arabzadeh Jamali, Seyyed Danial Nazemi and Mohsen A. Jafari


Aggregation and Bidding of Residential Demand Response into Wholesale Market

Mohammad Ostadijafari, Rahul Ranjan Jha and Anamika Dubey


Residential Energy Management System utilizing Fuzzy Based Decision-Making

Pantelis Dimitroulis and Miltiadis Alamaniotis


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