Paper Block 5




February 7, 2020, 10:50am – 11:50am


MSC 2404

Power Systems Session F

Data-mining for Fault-Zone Detection of Distance Relay in FACTS-Based Transmission

Nima Salek Gilani, Mohammad Tavakoli Bina, Fatemeh Rahmani and Mahmood Hosseini Imani


A Sensitivity-based Approach to Adaptive Under-Frequency Load Shedding

Mukesh Gautam, Narayan Bhusal and Mohammed Benidris


Integrated Coordination of Voltage Regulators with Distributed Cooperative Inverter Control in Systems with High Penetration of DGs

Shahrzad Mahdavi and Aleksandar Dimitrovski


Interaction of the Substation Load Tap Changer with the High Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources

Mohammad Mehdi Rezvani, Shahab Mehraeen, Jayanth Ramamurthy and Thomas Field



MSC 2405

Power Systems Session G

Reliability Evaluation of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Configurations Under Different Utility Supply Conditions

Saad Muaddi and Mesaad Albader


Computationally Efficient Identification of Power Flow Alternative Solutions with Application to Geomagnetic Disturbance Analysis

Komal S Shetye, Thomas J Overbye, Adam B Birchfield, James Weber and Tracy Rolstad


Transient stability assessment for generators and DER integration into the IEEE 9 Bus system

Sandesh Acharya and Malek Ramazeni


Do Energy Oscillations Degrade the Energy Transfer in Electrical Systems?

Leszek S Czarnecki



MSC 2406A

Power Electronics Session D

A Simplified DC Capacitor Active Voltage-Balance Algorithm with Common-Mode Voltage Reduction using Active-Zero SVPWM for Three-Level Photovoltaic Grid-Tie Inverter Application

Da Jiao, Yu Liu and Mark Rayner


A Coupled Inductor based Single Phase Five Level Inverter

Sreekanth T., Jeyaram Durga Manian Deivanayagam, Siddharth Raju and Ned Mohan


A Stabilizer based Predictive Control Scheme for Smart Inverters in Weak Grid Conditions

Muhammad Farooq Umar, Ahmad Khan and Mohammad B. Shadmand



MSC 2406B

Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technologies Session C

Microgrid Control Strategies for Seamless Transition Between Grid-connected and Islanded Modes

Silvanus D’Silva, Mohammad B. Shadmand and Haitham Abu-Rub


Performance Evaluation of Photovoltaic Grid-connected Microgrid with Hybrid Energy Storage using Predictive Current Control

Bhaskara Rao Ravada and Narsa Reddy


Techno-Economic Analysis and Optimization of a Microgrid Considering Demand-Side Management

Seyyed Danial Nazemi, Khashayar Mahani, Ali Ghofrani, Burcu E. Kose, Mahraz Amini and Mohsen A. Jafari


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