Paper Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for Paper Presentations
The time allocated for a presentation is 10 minutes, with a further 5 minutes allowed for discussion. Think in terms of the following slides:
Authors must prepare their oral presentations to be sure to convey their message in clear and concise manner, including giving outline of the key principles, facts and results. More detailed discussions can continue during the breaks.

In order to ensure a smooth performance during your session, please consider the following instructions:

  • Be at the session room 10 minutes before session starts and introduce yourself to the session chair.
  • A laptop and a screen will be available in all conference rooms. Speakers are not allowed to use their own laptop computer.
  •  Bring your presentation on a USB memory stick in MS-PowerPoint, and upload it in the Session Room computer no later than 10 minutes prior to your session start. A volunteer will help you upload it in the right place in order to find it easily at the time of presentation.


  •  We recommend the PPT/PPTX format instead of PPS
  •  All videos or animations in the presentation must run automatically

The criteria for best paper award is a combination of paper peer review and presentation evaluation scores. Presentations at the best paper sessions will be scored based on the following rubrics by the session chair.

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