Plenary Session – Panel Details


Session Title: Role of DER in Tomorrow’s Integrated Grid

Time: 2:25pm – 3:50pm on February 6, 2020

Topics to be covered:

  •  DERs enhancing resiliency of power systems
  •  Energy planning with DERs in face of increasing climate risk
  • Resiliency quantification to improve cost/benefit analysis of DERs
  • Technical challenges of DER coordination for DSO/TSO applications
  • Control and optimization functionalities for integrated DERs
  • Operational reserves in systems with high penetrations of DERs
  • DER forecasting for real-time operations
  • Risk-based power system planning


  • Dr. Ahad Esmaeilian (Manager – Smart Grids Innovation at Avangrid)


  • Dr. Sara Eftekharnejad (Assistant Professor at Syracuse University)
  • Ms. Kate Sherwood (Managing Director – Execution Strategy)
  • Dr. Gavin Dillingham (Director – Houston Advanced Research Center, “HARC”)
  • Dr. Andres Cortes (Technical Leader – EPRI)


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