Poster Session




MSC 2401

February 6, 2020, 4:00pm – 6:30pm


Analysis of Weather and Building Energy Consumption for Simple Load Forecasting

Dongho Lee and Seongmin Pyo


Protective Relaying and Fault Detection on Distributed Energy Resources for Grid Resiliency

Ada Ramoko


Symbiotic Lathe Machine Alternators

Isaac Owino, Susan Gitau and Calmax Bernard


Synthesizing and optimizing Manganese dioxide nanotube catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell

Abid Ullah, Muhammad Hamayun and Muhammad Raheel


A Low-Cost Device for Monitoring GICs

Christian Peck, Cameryn Lopez, Zachary Larson, Taghi Hood, Patrick Wlazlo, Komal Shetye and Anna Goulart


Comparison of of GHG and Air Pollutant Emission for Renewable Energy based on 7th and 8th Basic Plan for Long-Term Electricity Supply and Demand

Youngil Kim


Accuracy Solar PV Prediction by using Hybrid Neural Network Approach

Youngil Kim


Basic Research on Combined Driven Refrigeration Cycle Using an Ejector

Waseem Raza, Gang Soo Ko and Youn Cheol Park


DSP Implementation of a Novel Recurrent Neural Network Controller into a TI Solar Microinverter

Wanjau Waithaka, Xingang Fu, Abdullah Al Hadi and Rajab Challoo


Design and Implementation of OpenSource SCADA System for Industrial Application

Sudip Phuyal, Jan Izykowski, Rabindra Bista and Diwakar Bista


Analysis, Design, Implementation and Control of Ćuk Converter with Integrated Magnetics

Anushree Ramanath and Ned Mohan


Substation modernization –coordination between Transmission and Distribution lines

A B M Shafiul Azam, William Schmidt and Chris Knudstrup


Hybrid Intrusion Detector for Energy Systems

Vivek Kumar Singh and Evan Vaughan

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