2017 Poster Session

Maximum poster size: 48″W X 36″H

Poster presentations will take place on Thursday, February 9, 4:30-6:00, MSC 2400-2401.

“Optimization of Pre-treatment process to generation biofuel from microalgae biomass using High pressure homogenizer” C. Onumaegbu, A.G. Olabi, A. Alaswad

“Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation and Modelling (CFX) of flow Plate in PEM Fuel Cell Using Aluminum Open Cellular Foam Material” T. Wilberforce, A. A. Makky, A. Baroutaji, R. Sambi, A. G. Olabi

“Green Power Production from Pinnata” R. Venkatesan, A. Shankar, K. Dampuri, R. Challoo

“Robust Phase Detection in Distribution Systems” M. S. Modarresi, T. Huang, H. Ming, L. Xie

“Improving Tracking Efficiency of Two-axis Sun Tracking Systems” M. Yilmaz

“Detection of Bad Data in Multi-area State Estimation” Y. Zhou and L. Xie

“Optimal wind turbine sizing to mitigate power fluctuation at Al-Zawea refinery power system in Libya” A. Gawedar

“Chaotically Electricity Demand Analysis and Prediction” H. Kılıç, B. Gu mu ş, M. Yılmaz

“Assesment of Fault Location Techniques in Voltage Source Converter based HVDC systems” T. Peng, D. Tzelepis, A. Dysko, I. Glesk

“Microgrid Cost Optimization for a Mixed-Use Building” I. Aldaouab

“Modeling Monthly Insolation in Libya” Abdulmunim

“Application of Big Data to Power System Fault Detection and Protection” X. Dong, T. Feng, H. Wang, L. Tang

“Analysis of ERCOT Regulation-Up and Regulation-Down Operational Reserves” J. Andrade, R. Baldick, Y. Dong

“Lessons from U.S Frequency Regulation Policies in order to enhance the Chilean Ancillary Services Market “ S. A. Diaz, D. S. Kirschen, Bolun Xu, E. Gil

“Novel Anti-Windup Scheme for Stator Flux Control in Surface Permanent Magnet Machines “ S. A. Diaz, C. Silva, H. Miranda, J. Juliet

“Selection of wind turbine based on wind speed”  S. Hasan

“Bridging the Gap between Protection and Planning” A. Gopalakrishnan, C. Zheng, D. M. MacGregor, S. G. Aquiles-Pérez, D. B. Coleman, P. F. McGuire, K. W. Jones, J. Senthil, J. W. Feltes, G. Pietrow, A. Bose

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